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The successful 5.3 trillion Bitcoin mining Market now available to 8 billion people.

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Empowering the CFX Cash Trades family with the knowledge and financial success to change the world around them.


If you have the desire to change your future, we have the tools to make you successful.


Virtual is the new classroom, borders and boundaries cannot limit your success any longer.

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Our main focus is on technical analysis. We offer you a realistic and safe perspective, without magic formulas or false expectations. The full courses comes with videos, interactions, quizzes to advance and lessons prepared by a highly educated team of experts in the Bitcoin mining Market. If you are still looking for a way to turn your trading from a hobby into a profitable endeavor, it is worth getting to know us.

This academy is for everyone:

  • Seeking financial independence
  • Who wants to better understand how financial markets work
  • People who have improved their knowledge and learned to operate correctly
  • Interested in reading graphs and technical analysis of financial asset prices
  • Anyone who wants to understand better and start on the financial markets

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