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Who we are

CFX Cash Trades is founded by people who always wanted more. An international team of experts in project management, network marketing and financial markets, associated with a highly trained staff in the educational arena, passionate about helping people master their own financial success.

Our main principle is providing you with the support and the advanced technology designed for you to learn and transform your dreams into achievements.

The CFX Cash Trades business model combines assisted trading systems with algorithms in the Bitcoin mining Market, Network Marketing, and Interactive Educational Programs, creating a unique experience for our global membership.









Core Values

Transparency, Honesty and respect are the key behind the creation of a long term company and the trust and confidence for CFX Cash Trades members. See through our transparency, dive in from independent data, verifying partners, to easy-to-use, smartphone based WebTV tools for sharing your trading experience with others.



Our premium academy platform assists CFX Cash Trades members all around the world, discover financial success through effective Bitcoin mining trading.

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Our virtual academy offers from the most basic trading concepts and theory through to advanced mental and psychological trading strategies. All in an online learning environment easy to use and enjoy.

Our Work

We operate through corporate accounts that allow us to manage the capital of different parts of the world with absolute security and transparency, giving each user the opportunity to access trading programs, supported by cutting-edge technologies without prior knowledge or experience. We use software called Expert Advisors (EAs), specially designed for CFX Cash Trades , with algorithms that allow you to analyze different types of scenarios in the currency markets, obtaining successful results. Globally, only 5% of Traders operating in this market are successful. With CFX Cash Trades we will associate you with the best group of traders internationally, with a combined experience of more than 15 years.

Our Goals

Our statement is to provide quality learning opportunities to all candidates wanting to educate themselves in the Bitcoin mining Market. The aim is to produce independent students able to play a creative role in their community as well as in broader society. The teaching and learning is intent at producing competent, knowledgeable and skilled students able to be economically active and to contribute to the workforce of wherever country they are. This is achieved through an appropriate mix of theory and practice to ensure the application of theoretical concepts. It provides learning and job opportunity in a niche environment.

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Our Headquarters

Our Headquarters

Our Office is located in America

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